Professional Thai Basic 3 Day Carving Course

Students in the Basic Course learn the proper use and care of tools and preparation of fruits & vegetables for carving, including watermelon, gourd, pumpkin, papaya, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, chilies and green peppers, radishes and onions. The course focuses on leaf and floral garnish designs for plating, arrangements, displays and cocktail presentation. 2 serving vessel types are included, as well as a platter carving project. As always, we attempt to tailor each course to reflect and accommodate the abilities and goals of the students within it. Deposit is required to reserve. FREE Handcrafted Professional Carving Knife Included


 Course  details


  • Tomato Roses and Flowers – 6 designs, 3 constructed of the skins and 3 using the whole tomato.
  • Leaf garnishes (cucumber or carrot) – 8 different types of leaves.
  • Flowers using chilies & bell peppers – 4 different types of flowers.
  • Carrot Flowers – 4 different types of flowers
  • Onion Flowers – 2 different types of flowers.


  • Rim & Cocktail Garnishes with radishes and carrots – 6 different types of designs.
  • Cutting technique – 2 flower designs teach proper cuts and angles for more complex floral carvings.
  • Emphasis on mastery of the proper angles and knife techniques and handling for control while carving, using
    pumpkin/squash pieces.


  • Serving Vessels, bowls and plates using carrot, gourd, pumpkin, and papaya — 4 designs of a seashell, lotus petal, bowl, and serving plate.
  • Watermelon Centerpiece


Dates are flexible & can be changed with 30 days notice. Just contact us to make changes.

Course Hours: 9 PM to 12 PM 

                                1 PM to 4 PM

Group classes are also available.

A non-refundable deposit of 250 $ is required for this course and is good for 1 full year from the payment date. You can pay in full before the start of the class.


Committed to Culinary World

Siam Carving Academy (SCA) welcomes students from all over the world to learn the culinary art of Kae Sa Lak (Fruit and Vegetable Carving). Our courses are directed by International award-winning and distinguished Master Carver Wan Hertz and her team.

Wan Hertz and her team bring over 30 years of experience and a lifelong passion for the very sophisticated Thai Culinary Art of Fruit & Vegetable Carving to our instruction.

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