Traditional Thai Handcrafted Pro Carving Knife (Carved Brass Handle)


The ergonomically designed hand-carved handle on this knife sets it apart from all others. All of our knives feature the same high-quality blade, but with this one, you can carve in comfort with a touch of class. This is a limited edition knife that’s destined to become a collector’s item in the near future. Get yours while supplies last.

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Our knives are the Thai Carver’s tool of choice. This special knife features an ergonomic solid brass handle carved in the ancient Thai style from the Sukhothai period. Like all our knives, it sports a flexible and resilient blade, easily sharpened with the accompanying sand paper. it is a great addition to your cutlery collection. The shape, length, and flexibility of the blade have stood the test of time for Thai carvers since the very birth of this Royal Thai Art. Used for both soap and food carving, these knives eliminate the need for any other trendy tools. Each comes with fine sandpaper for sharpening. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and a bit of vegetable oil when not in use.


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