Fruit fit for a king

While we all know we ‘should eat our vegetables’, why not get creative in our presentation while making the most of fruits & vegetables in our recipes? Explore the exquisite with the ancient Thai art of Kae Sa Lak (Fruit & Vegetable Carving) to elevate your next ordinary plate into something truly extraordinary.

The culinary art of fruit and vegetable carving is well-known throughout Thailand and is now making its way onto the international scene. Event planners, hospitality leaders, large fine food corporations, renowned chefs and culinary schools are including the skill as part of any complete culinary education.

The spectacular eye-catching designs are created to make food the center of attention for guests. In Thailand, fruit and vegetable carving has a long-standing history, dating back nearly 700 years to a special presentation for the Royal Family. Almost any fruit or vegetable can be transformed into a work of culinary art — from an easy to carve watermelon or radish to a more delicate strawberry. Some intricate carvings could take hours to perfect, but the elegant and exquisite result will be worth it.

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